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The principle of operation of the ATM is as follows. After inserting the card, the ATM asks for a PIN-code (secret code), then the user makes a request to carry out a certain operation. The requested operation, PIN-code, card contents (magnetic stripe, etc.) are encrypted and sent to the system of the bank that serves this device (this bank is called the acquiring bank).

Next, the request goes to the payment system, which, in turn, routes the request to the bank that issued the card. After reviewing the request, the answer goes to the ATM. This entire long path of inquiry is recorded at the ATM so that in the event of a dispute, an investigation can be carried out.

It is important for cardholders to remember that their PIN-code must never be transferred to third parties, since transactions that have been confirmed by the PIN-code are considered transactions performed by the cardholder. In the event of any ATM failures (for example, the ATM “chewed” the money; the money was debited from the account, but the ATM did not issue it, etc.), you must immediately contact the bank serving this device. As a rule, the ATM itself has a phone number that you need to contact in case of difficult situations.

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