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No deposit bonuses for online casino registration.

In order to comply with modern standards of the gaming industry, with fierce competition, online gambling projects need to “struggle” for each user. In most cases, the most effective method of attracting new customers is an invitation in the form of a gift offered for deposit and registration or only for registration. No-deposit bonuses for registration particularly appeal to fans of gambling entertainment. This is due to the fact that users don’t need to top up their account to accrue and withdraw money.

This method of rewarding clients is very popular in gambling establishments. But, very few fans of gambling know it, and some players perceive such promotions with distrust because they consider it a well-thought-out commercial move of the casino.

What are no deposit bonuses in online casinos?

No deposit bonuses mean a certain amount of real money or free spins that are offered by the gambling operator without replenishment of the account by the user.

In other words, after their accrual, you can start a free game for real money in blackjack, slot machines, roulette, and other games. But the term “free” does not mean the possibility of using accrued money or free spins as you wish. For example, users cannot withdraw them. So, they only serve to make bets in the game process. In other words, if the casino web portal is combined with a BC (bookmaker’s office) with the presence of a poker room, you won’t be able to make a sports bet or play poker several times using the accrued money.

In the circle of fans of online gambling entertainment, electronic gambling operators that issue no deposit bonuses are called casinos without a deposit. Or – online casinos with a withdrawal of money without replenishment of an account or a casino for money without an initial deposit.

No deposit bonuses at online casino with the withdrawal of money

The essence of providing incentive promotions is to attract the maximum number of new players. Further, let them feel the moment of winning. Then, push them to deposit money into the balance through telephone notifications, email newsletters, and some other ways. However, a no deposit bonus does not imply the requirement of depositing money on the balance. This is a completely risk-free and safe activity. Even if you lose all the cash received as a bonus or all free spins, you will not lose a penny. Moreover, you will not have any debts to the casino.

That is why visitors who regard the no-deposit bonus at the casino as a kind of “free play” are very mistaken.

Usually, no deposit bonuses casino are given for the initial registration of an account on the official website. You could not beneficiate from this promotion if you or your family members already have an account. At the same time, numerous casinos provide similar gifts to already registered customers, for example, on the user’s birthday.

Varieties of no deposit in online casinos

First of all, it is necessary to consider the key types of no-deposit online casinos. We will start our analysis with the fact that all no deposit bonuses in online casinos are offered in the form of:

  • A. Free spins on video slots or free spins on slot machines. The price for any spin of the reels is due to a fixed rate for rotation. Usually, the lowest price is 0.07 – 0.14 pounds. This is the most famous and common form of bonus free money. Mostly, free spins are issued for one or two slot machines. Usually, for registration, a beginner is charged from 10 to 50 free spins.
  • B. Real money for balance. In most cases, online casinos with no-deposit money can be credited in the amount of 4 to 14 pounds. The priority of the cash bonus in relation to free spins boils down to the fact that when using start-up capital, the client has the right to choose online gambling. That is, bets are allowed not only in slot machines but also in keno, roulette, blackjack and other entertainments. Also, the player can choose which bets he/she will make.

No deposit bonuses differ by numerous criteria:

According to the method of activating and issuing no-deposit in the casino:

Online casinos with invitational no deposit bonuses differ one from another according to the activation / accrual / granting method. Currently, the following varieties of activation of this kind of casino bonuses are more common:

  • A. Automatic activation after registration. A significant part of such gifts is credited to the user’s balance immediately after registering the account. Usually, the gambling operators that issue the initial deposit charge them directly to the account. To get free spins for registration, you need to open one of the slot machines on which it is possible to use them.
  • B. Manual activation of the bonus after registering the account. This method differs from the previous one. In this case, after the confirmation of registration by e-mail address, you need to go to your account profile, display a special page and activate free spins or cash.
According to the demand for the use of promotional codes or bonus codes:
  • A. Using bonus codes. Users can enter the promotional codes both at the time of the creation of the account and after a while. Codes are public and exclusive.
  • B. Without the use of promotional codes. This method is quite popular in gambling establishments with bonuses without deposit for registration.
According to the demand of confirmation of the telephone number:
  • A. No-deposit for registering by mobile phone number. Various casinos accrue it only to those users who, when creating an account, indicated a cell phone number. And also, who, confirmed it by SMS. Visitors analyze very carefully no-deposit bonuses accrued through a phone number. This is due to the fact that after creating an account, gambling operators can easily send SMS notifications to this phone number with numerous promotional offers.
  • B. Casino bonuses without a deposit that don’t require a confirmation of a mobile phone number.
 In dependence on the need to download and install software:
  • A. No deposit bonus at an online casino without the need to download and install the software.
  • B. Casinos that require downloading and installing the client program on a desktop computer. As well as a smartphone or tablet for playing for free money.

However, the requirements of paragraph “B” are actually no longer relevant. A significant part of online gambling projects uses browser games. So, users don’t need a client program.

According to the language used in the casino:
  • A. English-language online casino with no deposit bonus. Usually, the expression “English-language online casinos that give out a no deposit bonus” means virtual casinos with an interface in English. In the list of casinos on this page, as well as on the main page of our analytical site, you can study the list of casinos with no deposit. It includes both English and other gambling projects.
  • B. International casinos with no-deposit. This list of foreign casinos, for the most part, includes American and European clubs. Many foreign gambling operators have an English-language version of the site.
According to the presence of a permit:
  • A. Casino with a license. These casinos are particularly attractive for players, as they ensure the fair play of the game and the accuracy of matching the established return on video slots (RTP), keno, roulette, and other games.
  • B. Script gambling establishments. The term “scripted casinos” means online casinos that use non-original online gambling games, to put it more simply – analogs. They include all no deposit bonuses in the online casino Pharaoh, Jackpot, GMS Deluxe, Gaminator, Volcano, Admiral, and so on.
According to online games where you can use accrued money or free spins.
  • A. For video slots. The most repeatedly appearing category.
  • B. For the rest of online gambling entertainment. Generally, it is impractical to subdivide this group into blackjack, roulette, and other gambling, because incentive actions of this order happen very seldom.
In dependence on the need to verify the account.
  • A. No deposit bonus at online casinos without an identity confirmation. Available immediately after the creation of the account without the obligation to provide copies of documents proving the identity of the player.
  • B. Accruing of no-deposit after verifying user’s account. To accrue a promotional offer, you will need to provide a copy or photo of your ID to the institution’s support section. Next, you will need to wait for the verification of ID data. At the end of this procedure, free money or free spins will appear on your account balance. So, you will have the opportunity to play in an online casino without a deposit and with the withdrawal of winnings.

In fact, just a few years ago, it was okay to differentiate no deposit by types of computers where you could use the accrued starting capital or free spins. But technical progress does not standstill. So, nowadays mobile casinos with a no deposit bonus for registering at a casino is a usual thing.

Of course, there are still some criteria that relate no deposit bonuses to other categories. But we have tried to help you get the general idea of ​​the types of no deposit bonuses. Therefore we have compiled an analysis of the most well-known ones.

Casino catalog with a bonus without a deposit for registration

Often, it is quite simple for gambling fans to find the right online casino with a no deposit bonus. This is easier to accomplish using one of the search engines. But, with a similar method, you may experience problems in the form of spam, background mode, or unnecessary software. Also, registration on dubious web resources, stealing data, etc. In order to prevent this, we advise you to use our information section. We have created a catalog of gambling establishments with a no-deposit bonus. It includes only the best and most reliable casinos in the virtual space. In addition, you have the opportunity to study our casino rating.

In our catalog, you can find not only hyperlinks to online casinos with no deposit bonuses but also detailed analytical articles. Also, manuals, data on other casino bonuses, and other materials. We systematically update all the materials. So, we provide you with new and important information about the free game in the casino.

New and current no deposit bonuses at online casinos

In order to be up to the mark in such a highly competitive field as online gambling, gambling clubs must work extremely diligently. Obviously, improvement of the effectiveness of loyalty programs and incentive systems, among which there are often no-deposit bonuses, requires a lot of work. But it doesn’t mean that no deposit bonuses change radically every year and are very different from last year’s offers. The concepts remain the same, but there is the possibility of changing only the conditions, types, and methods of obtaining.

But, if you are looking for the latest casinos with a no deposit bonus, then this section will help you. In this review, you can study the list of the best gambling clubs offering new users free money or free spins without depositing money on the account. Some projects began to provide this type of bonus earlier, others later. But, there is no need to be afraid of the invalidity of promotions. We carefully monitor the relevance of the information in the catalog and systematically update it.

No deposit bonuses casino

Most often, fans of online gambling entertainment want to place bets using the currency of their country of residence. In fact, it is much more convenient to play and withdraw money in the daily used currency. This thing happens, with players from the UK. It is good that today, there are many gambling clubs that provide access to different currencies.

Pros and Cons of playing in a casino with a no deposit bonus

In the nature, nothing is perfect – everything has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, the game for the initial deposit in the online casino also has its pros and cons. We will analyze them further.


For many fans of online gambling, the positive aspects of such a promotional offer are clear. The main one is the chance of a free win and the withdrawal of a certain amount of money. Of course, this advantage is obvious. But, we will try to present you some more benefits:

  • Checking the performance of the gambling club before entering the game for real money.
  • Acquaintance with the latest offers in the range of gambling entertainment. Studying the latest games (this applies more to slots since the latest models of slot machines appear quite regularly, and their themes are very diverse) is a rather difficult process, and most importantly – financially disadvantageous. A large number of visitors to the official casino sites really want to get an idea about the field of gambling, but do not have the necessary financial resources.
  • Risk-free rates. Everything is quite easy: since you do not use your money to make bets in gambling, you do not risk losing your own money.
  • The pleasure of playing the game.

Surprisingly, gambling establishments that issue free money with the withdrawal of winnings also have several negative sides. Next, we outline the most serious ones:

  • An insignificant amount of no deposit bonus. Most frequently, the amount is limited to a few pounds or several dozen of free spins.
  • Wager conditions. You cannot withdraw the accrued starting capital or free spins immediately. To withdraw free starting capital, you must first wager it. That is, fulfill the wager conditions.
  • Limited winnings. Usually, a cash-out can be made in the amount of £11 up to £72.
  • A small assortment of gambling. As a rule, free money is given for one or at best for several slot machines.
  • Mandatory account replenishment. This is the biggest drawback. It turns out that a large number of players who want to play for free money simply cannot make a deposit. Nevertheless, numerous online casinos set a strict condition under which users must deposit money on the balance at least once before the first cash out. This condition is a safety measure followed by gambling establishments.

Honestly, it should be noted that the advantages still surpass all the negative aspects. Otherwise, this kind of promotion would not be so popular.

Online casino with no deposit bonus without registration

Many gamblers try to find an online casino with a bonus, but without a deposit and registration. Also, the quick registration procedure does not motivate visitors to create an account. The fact is that they usually either want to facilitate the accrual of start-up capital or free spins. Or, do not want to provide their own personal information. In case if you belong to the last group of users, we can reassure you: in a high-quality online gambling project, your personal information will be protected.

We must admit that you will not be able to play for free money without creating an account. In fact, any club gives start money once per client. Without following this rule, numerous swindlers would immediately appear, with intentions to profit from a solid jackpot with multiple receipt of a no-deposit bonus.

Actually, if you want to accrue no-deposit starting capital, then spend several minutes to register.

Casino without withdrawals

Numerous customers who receive free start-up capital for the first time are upset when they find out that they cannot withdraw the money after the bonus accruing. For clubs, this would be the most meaningless action. Otherwise, users will be able to withdraw all the free money. So, the number of users would not increase. Hence, the casino will lose profit. Based on these facts, online casinos establish the rules under which unconditional fulfillment of wagering conditions is necessary.

Wagering conditions

For wagering, you need to make a number of bets of the entire bonus size on the specified game. For example, if in a casino with no-deposit it is stated that the size of the wager is x50. This means that absolutely all the free money accrued to you must be delivered at least 50 times. Particularly, if you receive £7 without replenishment of the account, then for the withdrawal of this starting capital you need to make rates of at least £350. These wagering conditions apply to both a cash bonus and free spins. But in the second type of promotion, you need to wager the received winning funds due to free spins on video slots.

When starting to fulfill the wagering conditions for no deposit bonuses, it is necessary to highlight the list of online games offered for wagering. In some cases, clubs establish restrictions on the types of online games in which 100 percent of the bet are counted as wagered funds. As a result, having no detailed information about the rules for fulfilling the wager conditions, you will most likely waste time and money in the future.

However, you can meet a no deposit bonus in a casino without wagering. In this situation, absolutely all winning funds can be safely withdrawn, but only if there is money in your account in an amount corresponding to or exceeding the minimum withdrawal amount.

Free casino games or how to play casino for free

In the process of providing a no deposit bonus, each gambling operator carefully develops the conditions, as well as the rules for its accrual. In the majority of cases under the terms and conditions section, everything is described to the smallest detail. Therefore, to be fully aware of all the expected consequences, we advise you to carefully read this section before registering an account.

Rules and conditions

Next, we will present a list of frequently encountered rules and conditions of online casinos in which they give out bonus starting money or free spins for registration without a deposit.

1. Age restriction. This is the initial point. Only players aged 18+ can receive a bonus without a deposit for registration at the casino. In other words, in order to play online gambling for free money, you need to be an adult citizen. Depending on the state in which you live, you may be eighteen or twenty-one years old.

2. One-time accrual. Any client has the opportunity to receive free spins without replenishment of the account or bonus money for registration only once. Multiple registrations will lead to the cancellation of all affiliated accounts and, accordingly, the money on the balance of each of the repeated accounts.

3. Wagering. As a rule, almost every no deposit bonus accrued for registration needs to be won back. Recently, foreign online casinos began to work with casino bonuses without wagering, but they refuse to serve the population of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and some other states of the former Soviet Union.

4. Limit payments of winning funds. This refers to the maximum amount of winnings that the user is able to withdraw through the use of starting money or free spins. For example, giving you 10 free spins, the club will set a limit on payment of £72. So, if you win £360, you can withdraw only £72, of course, if you complied with wagering conditions.

Additional requirements

1. The period of availability. As a rule, the availability of bonus start-up capital is limited by a set period of time, which can be several days or several weeks. These norms aim to encourage the immediate use of free money. And after that, in case if there is an intention to play further, make an early deposit. Winning a no deposit bonus has a similar time frame.

2. Top-up of the account for the initial cash out. Even if you managed to win back the bonus start-up capital and you have free money on your balance that you would like to withdraw, you will have one more requirement. To apply for a withdrawal of money you need to replenish the account at least once for the entire period of operation of the account.

Thus, we introduced you to the generally accepted requirements and rules when accruing a no deposit bonus in virtual casinos. Information about them will prepare you for some of the difficulties that new players face. We hope that full knowledge of this issue will help you to avoid obstacles and not get into a difficult situation.

Key questions about no deposit bonuses at online casinos

  • How to make money on a no deposit bonus in online casinos?

Answer: In the case of successful bets, as well as in the case of fulfilling the wager conditions and replenishing the account, you can easily withdraw your deserved money. Not everyone can manage this, but still, earnings are possible.

  • Where to find the best no deposit bonuses at the casino?

Answer: In this case, we have prepared for you our catalog, which is presented in this review. We selected the best casinos with no deposit bonuses and with the possibility to withdraw money.

  • Is it possible to get a no deposit bonus at the casino for the second time?

Answer: This is not possible. The reason is that gambling establishments do not allow multiple bonuses to be awarded to one client, his family, on one IP address, email and phone number.

  • Is it necessary to confirm the phone number for accrual of a no deposit bonus?

Answer: It depends on the casino in which you created an account. Certain clubs indicate the need of fulfilling this condition.


We think you will agree that it’s much more fun to play in a casino with a no deposit bonus than in those that don’t have such an option. Today, it is quite easy to find an online casino with a no deposit bonus for registration. Any fan of online gambling should use this attractive offer. We tried to make the process of accruing of no-deposit easier and more affordable, offering you a special catalog of casinos that give this bonus.