Cashback Bonuses

Cashback Bonuses in online casinos 

Some playgrounds are very inventive in terms of attracting newcomers and retaining of the regular ones.  In most cases, creativity is not expressed only in the design of the official casino sites, but also in a variety of promotions and loyalty programs (include Cashback bonuses), where the main task is to attract the client on their website for a longer period of time. Reasonable and accurately calculated bonus policy, easily and perfectly solves all the relevant issues. Basically  online casinos bonuses are to a certain extent an expression of gratitude of gambling establishments for their customers, specifically for their choice of online space for playing games in online casinos. The number of promotions and bonuses for players, their diversity, volumes, amounts and value for customers at all institutions vary quite a lot. Separate items in this catalog are bonuses that provide a refund of cash, or rather, some of the money lost in previous bets In other words, this is cashback. 

The word cashback is not an innovation introduced by the gambling community. Major banks offer cardholders such services when they are used in non-cash calculations of all kinds. Such service, in turn, stimulates users very well to use these cards in cashless payments more frequently. Cashback bonuses in online casinos work the same way. Casino cashback bonuses are a refund of the established percentage of the total amount of bets or cash losses for a specific time period accrued to the user’s account balance either automatically, or when all the terms and conditions necessary for crediting this bonus are fulfilled. 

You need to understand that cashback is not 100 percent way to make money playing aonline casino game. It is a financial tool to insure your game bank and a small financial recovery after unsuccessful bids. It’s a great pleasure to receive cashback, especially with automatic crediting and without imposition of the wager. If you used to play online casino games then you know what a pleasure it is when, after an unsuccessful gaming period, you are credited the stipulated percentage of game funds back to your account balance. Even by the name of the offering, you can understand that these gifts make the gameplay of the client more long-lasting and therefore suitable for players who do not plan to replenish the account very actively in the casino, but at the same time want to extend the gameplay time and use a gaming bank designed to play online casino games for a larger period. 

Like other features of user involvement in online gambling, cashback bonuses arrived in the online gambling industry from real gambling houses. Yes, and there is nothing surprising, because land-based casinos were created during centuries, while the Internet gambling originated only a couple of decades ago. Real gaming halls give customers gifts in the form of special points that players can spend on food, improving service, living conditions and so on. The amount of cashback directly depends on the intensity of the user’s gameplay, demonstrated at pre-negotiated time period. Simply put, the user does not need to replenish the account in the casino in order to be credited a certain percentage of lost money back, as the account was replenished earlier. It is accrued a certain amount of cash to the player’s account. This amount depends on the size of the loss or the total number of bets made during the specified time period. These features are the ones that distinguish this kind of bonus from the other gifts like: no deposit bonuses, deposit, welcome packages, reload of bonuses. In those cases, when accruing, the user needs to wager them by wager conditions. 

This type of bonus is quite popular among fans of online video games. However, despite of these facts, not all online casinos give it out. In this review of the bonus of our site, you can study the list of online casinos with cashback. 

Types of Cashback Bonuses in online casinos 

Usually in gaming clubs, cashback types are used based on the total amount of losses. A cashback based on a net loss implies that a client is charged a predetermined percentage of the amount of cash that he lost. For example: a client replenished an account in a casino in the amount of $ 100, where there is a prescribed daily net cashback in the amount of 15 percent. Generally, the user put 500 dollars, but at the end of the gameplay he had 70 dollars left on his account. For this gaming period the client is supposed to receive a cashback in the amount of $ 100 – $ 70 x 0.15 = $ 4.5. From here it is clear that only net loss of bets in a casino is taken into account. 

Sometimes there are playgrounds that use the calculation methodology, depending on the total amount of the client’s deposit or on the estimated net profit of the club. Under these conditions, most often, special mathematical formulas are used. 

What is the principle of working online casino with Cashback Bonuses? 

In most cases, when calculating the cashback, there are taken into account only the replenishments of the account, that wasn’t charged with other types of bonuses. 

Cashback Bonuses and their indicators 

The maximum cashback, as well as the minimum cashback that customers can receive is approved by the management of the online gambling project. Most often, return values fluctuate in the range of 5 – 30 percent. 

In addition, different gambling establishments may differ in the form of receiving a gift: there may be a cash bonus used only for playing an online casino game or in the form of real money, which the client can use for personal interests. In most cases, each gambling establishment pre-sets payment deadlines for cashback users (every day, weekly, monthly and so on). The casino administration has the ability to set limits on the number of video games where losing bets are taken into account when calculating the cashback. You can periodically meet temporary online promotions where cashback is given per game in the specified video slot. They are arranged in order to stimulate customer interest in some video games (thanks to the reduced risk).  Among other things, there is usually indicated the minimum percentage and maximum percentage of the return of money received by the client. You can find the information about the maximum bonus amount and other details of this promotional offer on the official website of the casino or by opening a working mirror of online casino in the terms and conditions section. 

Cashback bonus allows users to slightly reduce the risks of the game, because in the case of losing a bet, a certain percentage of cash will come back. In case if your last online bet was unsuccessful, a cashback gift will provide you with an additional opportunity to win on bets. Sometimes cashback bonuses are included in the loyalty programs of the playgrounds: for any bet the user is credited with the set number of points with the possibility of exchange them for real money. In addition, you need to study the requirements for wagering such bonuses. Somewhere they give out without wagering, but in other places they set conditions that must be fulfilled. Moreover, wager values ​​can vary a lot. 

What do you need to do in order to receive cashback bonuses? 

Each playground has its own rules and conditions for crediting and wagering offered gifts. Our site strongly advises you to study them before you play for money in an online casino. Thus, for example, in most cases, cashback is not credited for playing blackjack as well as roulette. Next, to get the cashback bonus you need to choose an online casino where similar gifts are offered. Then, you need to find the rules and conditions for receiving gifts in this club and read them carefully. Thus, some playgrounds oblige their customers to confirm their desire to receive cashback, though in most cases, these gifts are given automatically. 

Cashback FAQ 

  • Question: How is cashback casino paid? 

Answer: Each playground makes money payments in different ways. It may happen every day or every month, but often this happens once a week. 

  • Question: Are there any time limits for cashback in a casino? 

Answer: A number of establishments give time-limited gifts (special promotions), others give them to all customers as part of regular bonuses. 

  • Question: What are the advantages of cashback? 

Answer: The main advantage of cashback is that there is one more chance to win money.