7 Sins Slot Review

One of the most famous software manufacturers, the provider Play’nGO company, operating in Sweden (Vekshe, county Krunuberg), is very different from its direct competitors in that it often creates exciting and interesting IT products in the field of game software development for online casino. Gambling was launched in 2016, and the theme of the video slot 7 Sins Slot was seven Bible sins.

First impression of 7 Sins Slot

Here you can start playing online for money in slot machines with a withdrawal of money, but first you need to try to test the game and check the model in the demo version of the game in which you can play games online for free without registering in the 7 Sins slot machine, which the software developer Play’nGo modeled.

Gambling video game turned out to be dynamic and fun. The color scheme features a bright and colorful picture of the machine. Moreover, it is necessary to indicate a high percentage of money back (RTP protocol), which is 96.30%. Big gambling fans will definitely pay attention to this level of payouts.

As well as the digital volatility index, here is the average indicator of variance. In addition, this model has the following technical characteristics, which include profitable stocks and profitable options. They can give real money to win and hit the casino jackpot.

7 Sins Slot Machine Design Principles

First thing to remember, the esthetic and artistic design of the model’s design shows that creative decorators were able to translate ideas into reality and express the pictures of the video slot in the form of 7 Bible sins. The true embodiment of each of the 7 sins Slot are the seven beautiful girls.

Very beautiful girls in fashionable dresses strive with all their appearance to show the essence of the seven sins. Furthermore, web game developers tried very hard to convey the character of the main characters and made every effort to make cute girls in beautiful dresses look natural.

The design of the game 7 Sins Slot

In addition, the gameplay in 7 Sins Slot takes place on a dark cherry-colored monitor screen, similar to a special fabric for a gaming table, where a slightly smoky background is striking. The multiplier reels of the game machine are in dark purple and inserted into a gold frame for the picture. The navigation menu of the game is in the same beautiful handwriting.

7 spins 1

So, this romantic exterior surroundings are complemented by beautiful graphics and classic flowing 2D animation. Markedly, a musical sound track where mysterious and mysterious music sounds creates an atmosphere and spirit of magic and mysticism. In all likelihood, beautiful fashionable dresses for girls express the entire energy spectrum of sensations that appears during the game in gaming clubs.

Girls in 7 Sins Slot

A girl in a red dress is in the centre of the playing field. Beautiful women’s fashion for women did not pass by the rest of the beautiful girls who wear orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple dresses. Such a rainbow – like atmosphere of the game 7 Sins Slot will help you successfully and correctly play and win casino money.

Gameplay of Video Slot 7 Sins

Prior to playing the video game, the Seven Sins slot does not interfere with viewing the time sheet in the navigation menu. Where the pay table reflects the technical mechanism for launching the game with a bonus for registration with withdrawal and winning pay lines. In the gaming machine 7 Sins Slot, the bands are in the amount of 243 pieces and a change on the line of other types is impossible.

So, the gameplay of the game takes place on five reels. A careful and detailed familiarization with the payout table will enable you to boldly and fearlessly start placing bets. Due to the fact that the default values were set and lines cannot be changed, the choice of the amount of bets is made in the range from 10 cents to $ 100. If you are really tired of a free online game and you are completely ripe for playing for money online, you can start an auto game or circular rotation in a single order.

Wild symbol 7Sins Slot

Card suits and card indices are traditional pictures of a slot machine 7 Sins Slot, and expensive signs are pictures of the most beautiful girls. The one-armed bandit has both regular pictures and special Wild and Scatter badges.

The number 7 play the main role for the Wild symbol, which falls on any of the five coils. The number 7 replaces the missing pictures so that you can build winning combinations. In addition, you can build prize lines on your own.

Moreover, double picture of the Wild (number 77) – can form combinations with the traditional wild.

Scatter symbol 7Sins Slot

The mysterious box of gold acts as a Scatter picture in 7 Sins Slot. If three golden caskets drop out in different cells of the reels, seven free spins are issued to the gambler and the amount of bets is paid, where a double tariff is given. In the round with free spins, one girl’s sign is randomly selected, which is installed on the third reel and located on it during the session with free spins. Each subsequent spin increases the winning coefficient and, accordingly, the financial multiplier from one to seven times.

An additional bonus option has been added to the game mechanics, which takes effect when two Scatter symbols appear, with the help of which you are given an additional opportunity and a second chance to spin. 7 Sins. Here you need to choose one of seven images of attractive girls. And provided that during the rotation you build a combination of Scatters, the second round with free spins will begin. In the event that you did not manage to win the game, you will be able to receive an amount of 15 bets on an additional round of the game.

Conclusion and evaluation of the game 7 Sins Slot

An interesting beautiful and fashionable model of a 7 sins slot machine from Play’nGO may interest players in terms of providing prizes. In fact, generous gaming bonuses and gifts will delight many gambling lovers throughout the entire time of relaxation and entertainment in the seven sins slot. So, share your impressions and leave feedback and comments on them.

SLOT TYPE: Video slot





LINES: 243






Wild: Yes

Scatter: Yes

Europe casino.

6 Replies to “7 Sins”

  • Anima says:

    A good idea, and the idea of 7 sins – I haven’t seen this yet. If there were more bonuses – just perfect

  • Glenndak says:

    Slots are slots. If you’re in use accustomed to to playing them in a brick-and-mortar casino, you’re not going to comprise any trouble adapting to their online cousin. The treat is the notwithstanding: interpolate your small change, select your paylines and drive the pivot button to bet.

  • bigly says:

    is here any bonuses in this video game??

  • Петренко says:

    Не менее важным фактором выбора БК является внутренняя цена, используемая ради ставок. Используя интернет букмекерские конторы могут активно разгораться в разных странах, а не только в той, в которой она зарегистрирована. Идеальным вариантом дабы пользователя, баста тот, если БК использует валюту, которой давалец пользуется в повседневной жизни. В противном случае член денег довольно испаряться при конвертации валюты якобы под пополнении депозита, так и присутствие выводе денег. Стоит отметить, который способ вывода денег и пополнения также играет большую роль. Прежде тем, подобно начать владеть услугами БК должен подробно изучить способы работы с внутренним счетом.

  • Neo says:

    There is nothing extraordinary in this game…

  • Steve says:

    Excellent game and high RTP slot machine, allows you to win.

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